You are probably visiting our site most likely because you are seeking legal help with a serious problem and you need to find the right lawyer. The best way to do that is not by searching the Internet, but by asking your family lawyer for the name of a lawyer with experience in handling your problem or need. However, like most people, you may not have a family lawyer so you are here searching for competent counsel to represent you. Unlike doctors, Alabama lawyers do not have state-recognized specialties which they can put on their door or web page. How, then, do you find out which lawyers have any given particular kind of experience or knowledge? If you watch TV or look in the phone book, you will find many lawyers who make many different kinds of claims. The same thing is true for web pages. So what are you to do? Find a lawyer who has experience in handling your problem by researching the practice areas which are handled by him or her. Then, meet with that lawyer (not an assistant or paralegal) and see if there is good communication between you and the lawyer. It is critical that you can communicate with and trust your lawyer. Once you have met with a potential lawyer and feel confident that he or she can adequately communicate with you, establish a good rapport with the lawyer before deciding to hire him/her.


With over 50 years of combined experience, the Attorneys at Argo ǀ Hughes, LLC can handle whatever legal needs you may have. We are a full service law firm that handles many types of cases—from serious personal injury to complex business litigation. There are some areas which we do not practice. In those cases, we will refer you to attorneys that have experience in those areas. As mentioned before, it is important for you to meet, know and trust the lawyer that you want to hire. We believe that it is equally important that we meet, know and trust you. That is one reason that you will meet with a lawyer on a one- on-one basis and not a paralegal or other non-lawyer staff at Argo ǀ Hughes, LLC.

When you hire us, you get “us.” As mentioned before, if you call us and we cannot handle your particular need, we will help you find someone who can. If you look at our site and believe our attorneys can assist you in your particular area of need, then call and speak to us. Setup an appointment to meet with one of us and discuss your situation. After that, you can decide if you want Argo ǀ Hughes, LLC to represent you.