Class Actions

Class Action Lawsuit

Class Actions

The Attorneys at Argo ǀ Hughes | Alfreds, LLC have represented a number of individuals and business in class action litigation. A class action is a lawsuit where a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court. Many times, people throughout a region a state or even the entire nation will combine their resources to bring a class action case that best serves the plaintiffs, or members of the class, seeking compensation. If you have been injured (financially or otherwise) you may be able to bring a class action on behalf of everyone who has sustained similar injuries. Some examples of claims that may be appropriate for class-based litigation are as follows:

  • Injuries related to a defective drug or medication
  • Damages associated with insurance fraud or failure to pay
  • Wrongful fees collected by credit card companies or financial institutions

If you have been injured and believe you should either join a class action or file a class action lawsuit, you need to seek the advice of an attorney. You may even already be a member of an ongoing class-based dispute and simply not be aware of it. You may have deadlines to meet in order to qualify for compensation. Our attorneys have experience in all facets of class action cases and we can guide you through the process. Call us today and let us evaluate what your case may be worth.